What Are Legal Steroids ?

Legal Steroids and Anabolic Supplements Are The Secret Weapon of Top Level Athletes and Here is Why

Legal anabolics have been around for a while now. In the past, these amazing products were kept a secret and only used by professional bodybuilders, professional athletes and even hollywood actors.

For those of you unfamiliar with “legal steroids”, let me offer some insight. According to a simple google search, I found the following definition on UrbanDictionary.

“Legal steroids”, commonly used term or phrase, to categorize any muscle building dietary supplement that has a reputation for delivering a profound anabolic result, such as increases in strength, drastic improvement in muscle mass and moderate fat loss.

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Legality of Legal Steroids

“Legal steroids” contain potent compounds and formulas of legal, non-prescription, FDA approved dietary supplement ingredients. Since they contain various forms and blends of FDA approved ingredients, they are 100% legal under local,state and federal laws. On occasion the FDA will place bans on some products if there are reports of safety issues.

Any product classified as a “legal steroid” is likely a very potent muscle building, weight gaining or fat burning compound designed for very serious athletes only.

Legal Status In The United States: Non-Prescription / Dietary Supplement

Side effects:

Side effects are rarely an issue unless the product is abused and taken in excessively high doses, for long periods of time.


Legal steroids are available in tablet and capsule form. Liquid forms ,such as oral sprays are also available.

Retailers and Trusted Sources:

Examples of Popular Manufacturers: PrimoLabz, Muscle Labs USA, Militant Muscle, Pharma Supplements.

Legal steroids should only be purchased by authorized and trusted retailers to avoid common problems associated with buying them on the black market.

What Legal Steroids Do and How Long To Take:

Different types of anabolic supplements with each one designed for a specific function. For example, D-bol is for weight gain, Testosterone for muscle building, and Winsdrol V for fat burning.

Novice or first-time users of legal steroids should stick to low dosage and a simple steroid stacking plan.

12 – 16 weeks are usually the maximum length of use of legal steroids. 8 weeks are the minimum.

Using legal steroids have a strong risk/reward ratio. That is, the greater the benefits you receive the higher the risks.

Men and women differ in their needs and use of legal steroids. Take gender into account when choosing which product to use and for how long.

How Well Do legal steroids really work?

Yes! Otherwise, it would not become popular and widely used by beginners and professionals alike. If they are considered a waste of money, no one would want to buy them or use them.

This only shows that even a bare-bone individual, will gain muscle mass and strength when using legal steroids.

Because there are different ways to lose fat and build muscles, it is vital to identify which legal steroid would work best for your body type and goals.

This is where steroid stacking comes into play. If you want to build muscles without developing boobs or acquiring fat at the same time, the right stack is essential.

For optimum results, steroids must be accompanied with proper diet and exercise.

Different types of legal steroids designed for different functions. Some of them are strength and bulking agent, strength and muscle agent, bulking/cutting agent, lean muscle/cutting agent, testosterone booster and hormone booster.

Stacks and Cycles

Novice steroid cycles, intended for beginners, while used for as long as an individual wants.

Intermediate steroid cycles is ideal if you’ve already completed a few novice cycles successfully without suffering any side effects, and have achieved decent gains, but you want a little more.

Most users of legal steroids don’t move on to advanced steroid cycles, but it is one cycle that will give you an almost freakish level of muscularity.

Beyond advanced steroid cycles speaking only after consultation and supervision by a professional.

Anyone who wants to achieve a better, stronger, leaner and harder physique, requires anabolic steroids to stimulate anabolic activity needed for muscle growth.

Steroid stacking is the common practice to achieve balance in muscle growth, fat loss and health maintenance of the body.

Beginner cycles involve the use of two potent legal steroids – Testosterone and Deca Durabolin, for 12 weeks.

Cutting stack is one of the popular steroid stacks that combine a variety of products, such as Testosterone, Clenbuterall, Winsdrol-V, and other anabolics. A cutting cycle usually runs from 4 to 8 weeks.

Standalone cycles involve the use of only one legal steroid, such as Test, Tren and Sustanon. This is the least popular of the cycles.

To gain maximum and optimum results from anabolic steroid alternatives, proper dosage and instruction of use must be followed. Avoid overdosing as much as possible.

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