What Are Legal Steroids ?

Legal Steroids and Anabolic Supplements Are The Secret Weapon of Top Level Athletes and Here is Why

Legal anabolic supplements have been around for a while now. In the past, these amazing legal steroids were kept a secret and only used by professional bodybuilders, professional athletes and even hollywood actors.

For those of you unfamiliar with “legal steroids”, let me offer some insight. According to a simple google search, I found the following definition on UrbanDictionary.

“Legal steroids”, commonly used term or phrase, to categorize muscle building supplements that have a reputation for delivering a profound anabolic result, such as increases in strength, drastic improvement in muscle mass and moderate fat loss.

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Legality of  Steroids

“Legal steroids” contain potent compounds and formulas of legal, non-prescription, FDA approved dietary supplement ingredients. Since they contain various forms and blends of FDA approved ingredients, they are 100% legal under local,state and federal laws. On occasion the FDA will place bans on some products if there are reports of safety issues.

Any product classified as a legal steroids are very potent muscle building, weight gaining or fat burning compounds designed for very serious athletes only.

Legal Status In The United States: Non-Prescription / Dietary Supplement

Side effects:

Side effects are rarely an issue unless the product is abused and taken in excessively high doses, for long periods of time.


Legal steroids are available in tablet and capsule form. Liquid forms ,such as oral sprays are also available.

Retailers and Trusted Sources:

Examples of Popular Manufacturers: PrimoLabz, Muscle Labs USA, Militant Muscle, Pharma Supplements.

Legal steroids should only be purchased by authorized and trusted retailers to avoid common problems associated with buying them on the black market.

What Legal Steroids Do and How Long To Take:

Different types of anabolic supplements with each one designed for a specific function. For example, D-bol is for weight gain, Testosterone for muscle building, and Winsdrol V for fat burning.

Novice or first-time users of legal steroids should stick to low dosage and a simple steroid stacking plan.

12 – 16 weeks are usually the maximum length of use of legal steroids. 8 weeks are the minimum.

Using legal steroids have a strong risk/reward ratio. That is, the greater the benefits you receive the higher the risks.

Men and women differ in their needs and use of legal steroids. Take gender into account when choosing which product to use and for how long.

How Well Do legal steroids really work?

Yes! Otherwise, it would not become popular and widely used by beginners and professionals alike. If they are considered a waste of money, no one would want to buy them or use them.

This only shows that even a bare-bone individual, will gain muscle mass and strength when using legal steroids.

Because there are different ways to lose fat and build muscles, it is vital to identify which legal steroid would work best for your body type and goals.

This is where steroid stacking comes into play. If you want to build muscles without developing boobs or acquiring fat at the same time, the right stack is essential.

For optimum results, steroids must be accompanied with proper diet and exercise.

Different types of legal steroids designed for different functions. Some of them are strength and bulking agent, strength and muscle agent, bulking/cutting agent, lean muscle/cutting agent, testosterone booster and hormone booster.

Stacks and Cycles

Novice steroid cycles, intended for beginners, while used for as long as an individual wants.

Intermediate steroid cycles is ideal if you’ve already completed a few novice cycles successfully without suffering any side effects, and have achieved decent gains, but you want a little more.

Most users of legal steroids don’t move on to advanced steroid cycles, but it is one cycle that will give you an almost freakish level of muscularity.

Beyond advanced steroid cycles speaking only after consultation and supervision by a professional.

Anyone who wants to achieve a better, stronger, leaner and harder physique, requires anabolic steroids to stimulate anabolic activity needed for muscle growth. A legal dianabol alternative like Dianadrol is not only safe, but highly effective for bulking and mass gains.

Steroid stacking is the common practice to achieve balance in muscle growth, fat loss and health maintenance of the body.

Beginner cycles involve the use of two potent legal steroids – Testosterone and Deca Durabolin, for 12 weeks.

Cutting stack is one of the popular steroid stacks that combine a variety of products, such as Testosterone, Clenbuterall, Winsdrol-V, and other anabolics. A cutting cycle usually runs from 4 to 8 weeks.

Standalone cycles involve the use of only one legal steroid, such as Test, Tren and Sustanon. This is the least popular of the cycles.

To gain maximum and optimum results from anabolic steroid alternatives, proper dosage and instruction of use must be followed. Avoid overdosing as much as possible.


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All products in the steroid-alternatives range, 100% legal, researched and manufactured inside of an FDA approved facility. Ensuring the highest quality possible.

Turbocharge your workouts and experience the powerful body transformation in as little as 30 days with legal-steroids.

Regardless of your training goals, legal steroids will have the right formula to optimize your performance.

What you can expect from legal-steroids:

  • Pharmaceutical grade formulas
  • Lightning fast results
  • No prescription needed
  • No needles or injections
  • Proudly made in the USA

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Banned Substance Free Ingredients

Many of the ingredients used inside legal steroid alternative formulas, found in articles detailing their benefits by several respected mainstream health and fitness media publications.


Legal steroids, the secret muscle supplements used by competing bodybuilders, professional athletes, and even Hollywood actors. At one time these products, not available to the general public. In fact, many recreational weight lifters could not even afford these powerful legal steroid compounds.

New advancements in dietary supplement technology have allowed users to finally get the powerful muscle building and fat burning results they are seeking. Finally there are safe and legal steroids that will deliver gains without the negative consequences of using illegal black market anabolic steroids.

All of The Legal Steroid Supplements sold on this website are NOT BANNED by the Designer Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 2014. All Products are Manufactured in an Approved Pharmaceutical Grade Facility, within the USA.


Which Legal Steroid Supplement is Right For You ?

Choosing the right legal steroid cycle is actually an easy choice. The only things to consider are your training goals, and of course your budget. Below is a brief summary of available legal steroids, and their product description.

  • Diandrobol® (Legal Dianabol Alternative)

Primarily a bulking compound, and is ideal for individuals looking to gain weight. Weight gain is accompanied by an increase in strength, and muscle mass.

  • Anadroll™ (Legal Anadrol Alternative)

General muscle building supplement and strength gainer. These effects result from a boost in testosterone levels and blood flow to muscles.

  • Deccabolan™ (Legal DecaDurabolin Alternative)

Best if stacked with other compounds. “Decca” is a strength builder and muscle recovery pill. Heavier weights and faster muscle recovery equals muscle gains.

  • Winsdrol-V™ (Legal Winstrol Alternative)

Best defined as a lean muscle enhancer and fat burner. Users report Instant strength gains, more intense workouts, and rapid fat loss. Want Abs ? This is The Product !

  • Oxanivar™ (Legal Anivar Alternative)

Lean muscle builder and mild fat burner. This product performs best when it is stacked with other legal steroids. “Var” delivers very slow – consistent gains in lean muscle.

  • Testosterone-1™ (Legal Sustanon-250 Alternative)

Potent testosterone booster that enhances muscle tone, fat loss, sex drive, erection hardness, and workout intensity. Great product to round off any cycle.

  • Clenbuterall™ (Legal Clenbuterall Alternative)

Perhaps the best fat burner on the planet ! If you want to keep your muscle mass, but burn off all your body fat, “Clen” is the product that’s right for you. Competing bodybuilders use this product in the final 2 weeks before getting on stage to get shredded !

#1 Selling D-BOL Product ! Diandrobol™

dianabol legal steroidsTalk about legal performance enhancement steroids, and this one probably stands out on top! Diandrobol is one of the most popular steroids available today. In fact, it was probably the only anabolic steroid developed with the sole purpose of performance enhancement.

The effects of its use are fast and dramatic, which is why, it is extremely popular among athletes aiming to boost their performance, endurance, strength and speed.

In addition, the FDA also found it beneficial for women in their post-menopausal stage affected by osteoporosis, and individuals affected by pituitary dwarfism.
Dianadrol is usually administered orally through tablets, but is also available in the form of injectable solution.


anadroll legal steroidsWell known for its many therapeutic effects, Anadroll is another oral anabolic steroid that has become increasingly popular in the recent times. The use of this steroid is believed to help treat gastrointestinal disorders, osteoporosis, anaemia and even weight issues. Infact, Anadroll is thought to be one of the strongest steroids available today.

The fast action of Anadroll is what makes it even more appealing to athletes and sportspersons today, and in the correct dosage, it can exhibit impressive mass gain results rapidly.


winstrol legal steroidsWinstrol is probably the only steroid that has got a lot more media attention than other steroids- due to all the wrong reasons, mostly athletic steroid scandals. However, it is actually legal and safe to be used.

While fairly mild, can be used by both the sexes, and is extremely effective when it comes to boosting performance. In fact, it is one of the top choices of steroids among consumers looking to improve their strength and endurance without gaining mass.

In addition, it has also been found effective as a treatment for osteoporosis thanks to its ability to reduce lean tissue wasting. What’s more, it is also often used for the treatment of burn victims, and is used to repair fractures and bone damage.


From building muscle and boosting energy levels to improving mood and testosterone levels- Deccabolan is among the best performance enhancement steroids available today. Many athletes and bodybuilders use it today to improve their physique and muscle tone (in less than 30 days) and also to upgrade their performance, strength and workout intensity.

What’s best is the fact that it has extremely low toxicity, which is why, it can be used for a longer period of time without any health risks or side effects.


Oxanivar, another side-effect free anabolic steroid widely used by both men and women. A general mild effect when it comes to boosting performance. However, many therapeutic benefits discovered recently. Often prescribed for individuals who have undergone severe weight loss possibly due to surgery or infection.

In addition, found effective in reducing the risk of osteoporosis and bone damage. It may be popular as a ‘mild’ anabolic steroid, but its effects are prominent and lasting. What’s best is the fact that this steroid has low androgenicity, which is why, it is one of the friendliest steroids for females.


Clenbuterol is an approved legal steroid for  fat burning that is widely today. Its strong thermogenic nature makes it the most loved steroid for all bodybuilders and athletes. In addition, this steroid also packs in many therapeutic benefits associated with its use- it is a powerful bronchodilator which helps individuals with asthma and other respiratory disorders breathe better.

Clenbuterol, known to exhibit impressive effects when teamed up with a well planned diet and moderate physical activity when it comes to losing weight, and helps many obese individuals get back in shape.


Testosterone-1, as the name suggests, generally a ‘male’ oriented steroid. The ultimate male enhancement steroids that boost performance, build muscle, assist with fat loss and promote better energy levels as well. In addition, also known to help improve the sexual aspects of men- improved sex drive and libido.

Better testosterone levels in the body, linked to everything from improved success rates, better mental and physical health and even a higher chance of winning (due to enhanced focus and concentration ability).

Post Cycle Therapy

Probably one of the most confusing topics for steroid users, PCT (short for post cycle therapy) is basically a period of medication that follows after the use of steroids, particularly anabolic steroids. The use of steroids tends to suppress the natural production of testosterone in the body. If left unaddressed for a period of time, can be harmful.

PCT works to handle just that- it helps stimulate the natural testosterone production of the body. Implementing PCT may, in some cases, lead to a loss in gains; but it is important to note that when it comes to long term benefits, PCT is essential.

How To Make Fast Gains With Bodybuilding  Stacks

There are a few basic muscle building stacks that can guarantee you achieve your goals. The Basic Bulking Stack, consists of 1 bottle of D-bol and 1 bottle of Drol. This stack is best for those hard gainers who just want to gain weight, build muscle mass, and get strong.

Users have reported gains anywhere from 12-25lbs. in just 30 days. If your main goal is to bulk up, this is a great beginner stack. Along with muscle mass comes power and strength so users will also improve their strength.

The next anabolic stack is for those weight lifters who are slightly more advanced. Maybe you took the basic stack and now you’re ready to take your gains to the next level. This 3 pack muscle stack consists of 1 bottle of Dbol, 1 bottle or Anadroll, and 1 bottle of Deccabolan.

This is the perfect stack for building muscle mass, losing some body fat, and greatly increasing strength. Users have reported muscle gains of 15 lbs. of rock hard muscle, while increasing their bench press by 50-100 lbs. !

Best Muscle Building Stack.

The 4 Pack Muscle Building Stack is one of the more advanced bodybuilding stacks available. The is a great deal for under $150. You can still custom build your stack if you want, but we sell these 4 together because it is by far the most popular combination of legal steroids.

Competing bodybuilders will often run this as a stack 3-4 months before training, and then run these same 4 products as cycle leading up to their competition. By running the Winsdrol in the final weeks before a competition, guaranteed to look totally cut and shredded to the core !

Here is a summary of the benefits of using Legal Steroids :

  • Within the United States they require no prescription to purchase, possess, or use a 90 day supply.
  • Legal steroids are completely safe as long as taken at the recommended doses.
  • High quality legal steroids are very effective for promoting muscle building & fat loss.
  • No harmful side effects when taken as directed.
  • No post cycle therapy is needed, & no negative androgen hormone interruption.
  • Non-methylated, which means, safely metabolized and cause no stress on kidney or liver function.
  • Use with confidence by individuals subjected to random drug testing.
  • These products far out perform over the counter prohormones & other supplements like creatine, protein and weight gain powders.