How To Take

How to Take Legal Steroids

How to take Muscle Labs USA most popular legal steroid alternatives.

Diandrobol- Legal Dianabol Alternative

  • Muscle Labs Diandrobol™ or “D-Bol”, Dianabol’s often called, is by far the most popular of mass gainers. D-bol, sometimes sold as a bulking compound or weight gain pills. However, if you eat clean and make sure you implement adequate cardio into your regimen, gains can be rock hard ! Muscle Labs Diandrobol,  best taken in doses of 1-3 capsules per day. Take each dose 4-6 hours apart. Each dose taken with a full glass of milk or protein shake.

WinsdrolV- Legal Winstrol Alternative

Anadroll- Legal Anadrol Alternative

Deccabolan- Legal DecaDurabolin Alternative

  • Deccabolan™ sometimes called “DECA” for short, only requires 1-2 capsules per day. Taking the dose before bed seems to be the best. Take your dose with a small glass of milk for bet uptake.